West Beach Landscaping Project

This project at West Beach involved the landscaping of two home units. Our brief from the owner was to work with the completed buildings, to compliment their contemporary style with modern, low maintenance landscaping.

The owner selected a large format, promenade paver in charcoal for the footpath and driveway, in a diamond lay pattern with a flat header. We then used half pavers around all garden beds at the front and rear of both homes to stop the bio mulch from moving easily.

At the front of the first home, roses were planted against the house, along with various types of cordylines and kangaroo paws and a section of Sir Walter turf, and a garden bed around the fence line.

Drought resistant, Australian natives are well suited to our harsh environment, so we propogated further cordylines, kangaroo paws and yacca plants at the front of the second home. A narrow 2 metre strip of artificial turf was also used across the rear of this unit, with a garden bed around the fence line.

Between the two driveways we used pittasporums as a screening plant and various cordylines along the driveway closer to the garage.

An automatic irrigation system was also installed to ensure the garden could be watered efficiently.

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